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June 12, 2010


mike ference

The Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal continues to spiral out of control from one country to the next; while the pope still refuses to solve the problem. It’s now clearly documented that across the globe tens of thousands of innocent girls and boys have been sexually violated – used and abused as sex toys by Catholic clergy, yet, nothing has or will ever be done. Thousands of pedophiles, former Catholic clerics, roam the world and no one really knows where these monsters are, how many victims they have left behind or how many more will suffer from priests trained to sexually abuse since their seminary days.
Hollywood writers and producers could create a blockbuster movie like Roots or Schindler’s List to serve as a bitter reminder that these crimes should never again be permitted to occur.
As horrific as sexual abuse by priests may be, the perpetrators might merit a more forgiving place if only their superiors had the courage to do the right thing.
Mike Ference has been an advocate for clergy sex abuse survivors for over 21 years. ... He attributes much of the problem to corrupt leaders in government, organized crime and Catholic Church hierarchy more concerned about power and money than the salvation of souls. Mike can be reached at mike@ferencemarketing.com


The Roman Catholic Church has committed the UNFORGIVEABLE SIN, THE SIN AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT!
Anyone that can stay tuned in to this, ... are themselves equally as guilty as the RCC.
You are driving the get-a-way-car, in these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.


Beautiful article.

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