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July 15, 2012


Bob Schwiderski

You hit the nail on the head again David !

mike ference

If it weren’t such a serious matter, I would find it laughable that Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappalla Jr. had announced plans (months ago) to “revisit some of the matters” during the tenure of one-time Pittsburgh Catholic Bishop Anthony Bevilacqua now that the former cardinal of the Philadelphia archdiocese has been accused of transferring and covering up crimes of priests accused of sexual abuse and never warning the unsuspecting parishioners in the new churches. Obviously, Zappala would find nothing. Surprise! Surprise!
Perhaps, Zappalla should have started by “revisiting” documentation that I provided years ago to two so-called Allegheny County Detectives (Logan and Andrews) regarding an alleged cover-up that inspired the current McKeesport Police Chief Washowich to tell me that a grand jury investigation was merited. This case goes back to 1987, the last year Bevilacqua served in the Pittsburgh Diocese. The alleged cover-up involved a local priest John Wellinger) giving an underage boy alcohol, drugs (a mickey); there was a period of unconsciousness (hours according to the victim) during which the boy may have been sexually abused, and then he eventually made his way to a city hospital after calling 911. His parents were summoned, told what had happened and advised by medical staff not to report the alleged criminal activity. The priest who drugged the teenager showed up at the hospital (Presbyterian University Hospital, now University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) where Wellinger would be ushered out by the attending nurse. She was alerted by the victim that the John Wellinger was the one who had drugged him. Had this event been properly investigated, at least three suicides, one attempted murder and countless other crimes against innocent children could have and should have been avoided.
When I shared my research on this case years ago, Zappalla and his detectives did nothing except blow me off.
My guess is that newspapers from the Philadelphia area with legitimate investigative reporters will break this story first. Zappalla and western PA publishers, station managers and editors who didn’t follow through on this years ago, may be too busy removing egg from their face. They all suffer from Joe Paterno Syndrome. Do as little as possible to protect innocent children.
If Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. has a bucket list, protecting innocent children never made the cut. Instead, Zappala protects dysfunctional sex freaks. Sadly, just like the Pittsburgh media, the Pittsburgh branch of the Hooverettes (FBI) are not permitted to investigate my claims without approval from the Zappala Crime Family.
Mike Ference

Nancy D.

Sic and non. This is not the first time an assembly of people have used a scandalous situation in The Church as an excuse to change a Dogma of The Faith.
Rogue "priests", men with a disordered sexual attraction to mostly teenage boys, deceitfully entered The Catholic Church and committed heinous crimes. Any person who was aware that a crime was committed and did not report it to the proper authorities (the police), are guilty of enabling these heinous crimes.

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