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September 07, 2012


mike ference

Brothels in Nevada require less regulation than the catholic church, thanks to dysfunctional sex freaks posing as priest, bishops and cardinals.

Mike Ference

P.S. If you have been harmed by former catholic priest John Wellinger I'd like to know about it. A priest in the Pittsburgh Diocese in a poition of authority was warned about John Wellinger as early as 1987, yet nothing was done. I'm mounting a campaign to expose Cardinal Bevilacqua, Cardinal Wuerl, Archabbot Douglas Nowicki and many others. Your information may be helpful. I can be reached at 412-233-5491 or mike@ferencemarketing.com.


Finn's $$$$$$$$$$$$ attornies managed to avoid a public trial where lotsa scandalous, embarrassing and felonius stuff will remain hidden from view and Finn won't have to testilie (sp correct).

Thank you, Kool-Aid-drinking sheeple for making this possible. Where, oh where, would these korpulent kweens be without you? And your cash?


Bishop Finn was convicted of a misdemeanor crime involving moral turpitude, the likes of which get lawyers disbarred, doctors suspended, and other professionals looking for hard-to-find jobs, even though "it's not a felony."

As a convicted criminal, Robert Finn can no longer pass a criminal background test, or knowingly be employed in any capacity involving children or the supervision of persons dealing with children.

Time for him to go.


There is no reason to waste one's time reading Bill Donohue's comments on anything concerning the Catholic church. Pure and simple, he is a misguided fanatic! That being said, thank goodness Finn was convicted of any crimes at all! Perhaps his lawyers were oounting on the judge fearing eternity in hell if he convicted him. Finn should resign, and Bill Donohue should be locked up.

Fr. Jim Moran

People I work with who are not Catholic, as soon as I mention the name Bill Donohue tell me that what is to follow is not true. He is known to be full of hot air, speaks as he were a Bishop himself, is probably paid a HEFTY salary by the Hierarchy, and no one that I know will even listen to him. I admit, that when I see his name at the head of an article I close the window and move one.
Fr. Jim Moran
Priest AND victim of clergy sexual abuse

Hanora Brennan

Here in Ireland, viewing pornography on the internet is not the crime but downloading it is. The fact that RATigan had porn. on his laptop proves his guilt. The RCC's arrogance and bombast have to diminish before humility and compassion is meted out to victims of this corrupt conglomerate.

Tyrone Cefalu

Donohue needs to explain away the following website.

S. Wesley Mcgranor

I think rather then giving the mantle -- Christian, to Catholics. We Protestants--and i do mean Protestant--not Evangelicals of the Emergent Church, need to appreciate our anti-Catholicism, not apologize for it. In America we are able to be offensive publicly towards Catholics,and they can do the same. However postmodern anti-Catholicism is merely an anti-Christianity. Due to the dismantling of Western Protestant societies. Still those elsewhere see the Catholic for what they are. Due to discrimination being discouraged, individuals pretend indifference. If you have a company with under five employees, then you can screen for Catholics to not hire. This is a stipulation in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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