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April 19, 2009


Albino Luciani

Ergo, the current Ratzinger Church is not about saving souls, but abusing, raping, mentally torturing, physically maiming, defrauding, sodomizing and finacially fleecing them.

Exit stage right.

"STOP DONATING LAITY" as St. Peter Damien correctly asserted.

The Curia's Motto Remains = ISAIAH 28:15!

www.bishop-accountability.org/abusetracker for daily verified & vetted coverage of the Roman "La Cosa Nostra" Pedo Curia & USCCB (Unremoved Sexual Criminal Cabal Bishops) crime sprees at you total expense in the tens of billions of dollars that are documented, with no punishment or removal of guilty miters or red hats in the many hundreds.

Fiat Lux & Veritas!

Albino Luciani,

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