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May 19, 2010


Jeannie Guzman

David: I absolutely agree with you and I openly applaud you for bringing another egregious act by dear Brother Bill to our attention. The Empire State Building Admin Office probably has Bill's number, and it ain't Numero Uno!

I imagine that many, well-meaning Catholics look at Bill as the contemporary Savior of the Church's tarnished reputation. In fact, many of them probably look at him as a present day saint, or at least a Living Martyr. Fortunately, his reputation might be somewhat diminished, when honest, middle-class, well-meaning Catholics discover that he's making a reported $300K+ per year on their hard-earned donations. That makes him a pretty well paid Living Martyr, doesn't it? In the Church, probably only members of the Hierarchy make that much. but at least he's in the same circle of over-paid clowns!


Bill Donahue can give even Mother Teresa a bad name. If his organization, which by the way pays him over 300 grand per, were really interested in defending the interests of the Catholic Church, they would fire Donahue.

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