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October 21, 2011



They don't come much lower than Bill Donohue. What drives this man, $400,000 a year? He does nothing to promote the RCC. His statements have the opposite effect. I wish Finn were charged with a felony, but I hope he gets to spend some time with common criminals behind bars. Ben16 is a pig for not putting him on administrative leave, in the same was that bishops put priests on leave following an indictment.


thanks for taking this on.
Donohue and his league don't allow comments to his claims.. (i wonder why)
what people do for money is part of what i think the occupy movement is about..Donohue is proof of that..(LIARS AND THIEVES making billions off the poor)

Gloria Sullivan



donohue is a big blow hard, basically a bully he only offers his point of view . I am amazed people listen to him.

Patrick OMalley

The Catholic League is constantly distorting the truth, and there are plenty of examples, but let's pick one that is key in the article.

The Catholic League says that Bishop Finn reported the child pornography to the police. This completely distorts the truth.

Here is the truth:

In December 2010, a computer tech found hundreds of pictures of child porn on Fr Ratigan's computer, many of which were photos that he took up the skirts of really young girls. In May of 2010, seven months earlier, a school principal had sent Finn a 4 page memo about Ratigan doing things like this (and making children reach into his pants for candy).

Bishop Finn did NOT turn the computer over to the police. Instead, he had someone make a copy of the evidence, and gave the computer to Ratigan's family. He then called an off duty police officer that serves on the diocesan board and asked (out of context) if a specific one of those photos was considered child porn. He did not say it was taken from the computer of a pedophile priest who had hundreds of pictures of child porn.

Finn, like the Catholic League, distorted the truth.

Five months after that, in May 2010, with other evidence bubbling up everywhere, Finn turned over his copy of Ratigan's computer porn to the actual police.

Catholics distort the truth because they are taught to distort the truth by their leaders, bishops and the Catholic League, who both distort the truth about child rape.

That's today's truth in today's Catholic church, but you will be able to see it unfold in testimony Bishop Finn makes (with FOUR attorneys by his side), and you can decide for yourself.

Augusta Wynn

It is difficult to reconcile Mr. O'Donahue as a family man who has raised children, with his being an apologist for child rape by catholic clerics pretending to be priests. O'Donahue actually likes distinguishing between "children" and "teenagers", as though all those under 18 are not our children.

Could his absurd salary have something to do with his ever increasing defense of the indefensible?

How can he call himself Catholic while defending the very men who introduce evil into the sacred?


Craig S

I am really sad that you have such biased hatred against God's Church. I will be praying for your souls and your conversion to the truth. In America, Catholics are subject to such hatred and lies. your organization perpetuates this hatred, while claiming to seek the truth. In reality, you only blind people even further.

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