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August 09, 2012


David Lorenz

Excellent assessment David. I was stunned that these guys feel it is appropriate to sneak around in a group that is trying to help victims heal. Its stunning that they call themselves Christian.


Bill Donohue needs a fishing rod and an airline ticket to Ireland. I suggest that we give him a large bowl of shamrocks soaked on Old Bushmills whisky that he can devour on the plane. Then he needs to get some worms and cast them on the waters of the Bann River where the Protestants live. Let him drink another fifth of Old Bushmills by the river. If he gulps it down his red nose will fall off from overweight. If not, it will grow to such a length that everyone will know exactly what he is. When he catches his first trout he must wrap it in gold foil and send it to the pope. The world of theology needs him like a frog needs a bicycle. Please fall in the river and stay there till you sober up.

Kay Goodnow

David, good work! You are very brave to attempt this and I commend you for that bravery. Be cautioned, however. Many groups say "all are welcome" but they can play freeze-you-out as soon as you mention sexual abuse. Please keep as posted as to your progress. Thanks.

Bob Schwiderski

I noticed a video by City of Angles Ebling from the conference.


The good side is that Donohue and Pierre may actually learn something from talking to survivors.

David, I think I can tell you what you will hear from the people in the pews: The abuse was the parents fault because they did not recognize the signs in their children's behavior and do something about it then. The church has faced worse problems in the past and the gates of Hell have not prevailed against it. There are abusers everywhere children are located. Those children in the church are now the safest children in the world. No matter how badly our clerics behave, we have doctrines that are more true than anyone's else doctrines. And our sacraments are better than those in any other church etc. etc. In short, since we are better than any other religion, who cares about a little abuse here and there. A person actually told me that the children bore some responsibility for what happened to them. This, David, is the kind of crap you will hear if anyone will talk to you about it.


In case you haven't got the memo: SNAP is the Church created as damage control and counter-intelligence by the Dominicans out of St Louis.
Please google Victims of Silence@Bulletinboards.com and read what the victims have documented about SNAP's creation and it's treatment of the people they claim to represent.


P.S. How can the Church i.e. SNAP be infiltrated by itself i.e. the Catholic League and the Media Report?
This is all a big show put on so the victims won't even be spoken about....or to.
I am a compensated victim from L.A.Calif. and have worked around SNAP since 2003.
I know of what I speak. I also handcuffed myself to Cardinal Mahoney's throne in the middle of mass. And did jail time for it. More time than 99% of the rapists and their pimps have ever done.


Hey Jim, I understand that many survivors don't believe SNAP speaks for them. However, I don't believe that SNAP is a part of, or a tool of the church. My post is not about defending SNAP anyway, it is about the gall of these groups to sneak around victims trying to heal. ps - When I attend church this weekend I won't be handcuffing myself to a priests chair. I'm not as brave you. I remember when you did that and thought it was a powerful example of civil disobedience.


Furthermore, David, you are likely to hear from the people in the pews that the victims and their lawyers are only interested in money and that they have figured out how to get that money out of the deep pockets of a poor church. Have you ever heard anyone defend celibacy of the clergy by claiming that Roman Catholic Churches are too poor to support priests with families? I have.

Just mention that 2/3s of the bishops covered up criminal activity and you will get a chorus of how those poor old men were not lead by the Holy Spirit or the Scripture in dealing with crimes against children, but had listened to the psychologists of their day who told them that attraction to minors was a disease that could be cured. So, they sent the offenders to a retreat house treatment center and were fooled into thinking that the men were cured. Now, of course, the sexperts say that this disease cannot be cured. Somehow their prayers to God were not answered by a statement of "Be very careful, do not reassign this man to place of more temptation,"

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